WHINT® PaymentReporting Ingenico (On-Premise)

WHINT® PaymentReporting Ingenico (On-Premise)

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This Integration Package for SAP Process Orchestration (PRO)/SAP NetWeaver PI is a turn-key solution which seamlessly integrates Ingenico ePayment reporting data into SAP FI (Ingenico ePayments was formerly known as GlobalCollect).
It enables the automatic processing of the Ingenico Collection Appendix Report as SAP FI documents with state-of-the-art integration technology. No changes or developments are required on SAP ERP side, only a few configuration steps are needed (ALE IDoc inbound processing).The accounting documents will be created automatically via a standard IDoc. Other Reports (Financial Statements) can be picked up automatically as well and e.g. sent via E-Mail.

It enables the merchant to process and reconcile payment processing data and match it with his transactional order-related data in SAP Finance.


  • Turn-key Solution: Pre-Packaged Integration Content for SAP Process Orchestration (PRO/SAP PI)
  • Mapping, Connectivity and Interface Processing just needs to be activated with a few steps
  • Data provider for Payment Reporting: Ingenico ePayments is the online and mobile commerce division of Ingenico Group – connecting merchants and consumers, enabling businesses everywhere to go further beyond today’s boundaries, creating the future of global commerce

How it works

  • The regular sales transactions (e-commerce, retail, …) are posted into SAP Finance using the transaction id of Ingenico against credit card/payment type specific G/L accounts (Debit)
  • The payment reporting data is also posted into SAP Finance against the same G/L accounts using the same allocation number (Credit). Like this, the postings can be reconciled easily. The total balance is posted on a receivables G/L account (Debit) which can be reconciled against the financial statement coming from the electronic bank statement.
  • The solution handles the creation of the SAP FI accounting document by picking up the Ingenico Collection Appendix Report and converting (mapping) it automatically.


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