WHINT® B2G VAT Check (On-Premise)


WHINT® B2G VAT Check (On-Premise)

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This Integration Package for SAP Process Orchestration (PO)/SAP NetWeaver PI is a turn-key solution which seamlessly integrates BZSt (Bundeszentralamt für Steuern) or European Commission.
It enables the automatic check of european VAT Ids directly from your SAP Business Suite. 


  • Turn-key Solution: Pre-Packaged Integration Content for SAP Process Orchestration (PO/SAP PI)
  • Mapping, Connectivity and Interface Processing just needs to be activated with a few steps
  • Based on the official APIs of the German Tax Authority and the European Commission

Supported Scenarios

  • B2G (Business-To-Government)
  • DE (Germany): BZSt (Bundeszentralamt für Steuern)
  • EU (Europe): VIES (VAT Information Exchange System of the European Commision)


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